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ItsLeete GM Application

Post  viperman67 on Sat Feb 14, 2009 6:09 pm

Hey here i am going to tell you why and how i am going to help out the server and tell you about what experience i have. Please read below for details:

Name: Nicholas Leete

In game Character Name: ItsLeete

Age: 14 coming up to 15

D.O.B: 12th March 1994

Country: Australia

Marital Status:Single

Interests: Maplestory

Past Employment: Carpentry Experience
Currently Applying for EB Games
Programming in Visual Basic.Net

What i can Bring to the Position as a Game Master in MasteryMS:
I will bring a friendly person (me) into being a gm (not saying the others arn't)
I will help alot of people out with problems that have with glitches such as ap glitch and help them get back on track with there normal stats.
I Vote each day once a day and i will bring this private server to the top 10 for its fame
I will be there for gm meetings (if there is any) and help build the server to a better status.
I will be online everyday(for at least another 7 weeks because of holidays) for people that need some help and need my aid/gm's aid.
I can bring experience in C++ editing for Maplestory private servers since have I have created my own but didn’t host it.

Email: XD_Nicko)


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