MoograMS Commands for Players and GMs! Works for MasteryMS

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MoograMS Commands for Players and GMs! Works for MasteryMS

Post  Nova on Mon Dec 01, 2008 5:58 pm

Here are some MoograMS commands! Very Happy


update accounts set loggedin = 0 (logged in fix)
update shopitems set price = (same price something)
DELETE FROM `inventoryitems` WHERE `itemid` >= 1802000 AND `itemid` <= 1802050
DELETE FROM `inventoryitems` WHERE `itemid` >= 1812000 AND `itemid` <= 1812010

Command <Arguments> [Description]

Commonly Used:
!unban <user> [unbans a user]
!stfu <user> <1/0> [mutes a user]
!warp <mapID/user> [warps you to a map]
!item <itemID> [gives you item]
!warphere <person> [warps a character to you]
!spawn <monsterID> <number> [spawns a monster]
!servermessage <message> [changes the scrolling header]
!saveall [save the game]
!say <message> [similar to notice]
!job <jobID> [changes your job to JobID]
!drop <itemID> [drops itemID, similar to !item]
!online [shows online users]
!exprate <number from 1-1337> [changes exprate to number]
!droprate <number from 1-10> [changes droprate to number]
!bossdroprate <number from 1-10> [changes boss droprate to number]
!mesorate <number from 1-1337> [changes mesorate to number]
!sp <number from 1-32767> [changes your sp to number]
!ap <number from 1-32767> [changes your ap to number]
!fakerelog [reload your character]
!dc <playername> [disconnects a player]
!dcall [disconnects all players]
!heal [heals self to max]
!jobperson <playername> <jobid> [changes another person's job]
!levelperson <playername> <number from 0-200> [changes another person's level]
!npc <npc id> [adds npc to where you are standing]
!id <item> [search for an item ID]
!killall [kill all monsters in the map]
!connected [shows how many people are on]
!cleardrops [destroys all items on the floor]
!notice <message> [show a notice in blue]
!rape <user> [Kills user]

SHOPS [opens a shop]
!shop [public Duey shop]
!gm [gm shop]
!maple [maple equips]
!glimmer [glimmer items]
!sbag [summon bags]

Monsters: [summons the monsters]
!bob [summons bob the snail]
!coke [coke monsters]
!cornian [cornian monsters]
!pirate [pirate bosses]
!nx [10 nx slimes]
!franken [halloween boss]
!rock [invincible monsters]

!setall <number from 1-30000> [changes your stats to number]
!jail (2-11) <person> [jails a player]
!white [gives 5 whites scrolls]
!power [gives user 1000 power elixirs]
!ban <person> <reason> [bans a player]
!tempban (arguments unknown) [tempbans a player]
!fame <number from 1-30000> [fames yourself a number of times]
!killmap [kill all players and monsters in the map]
!killeveryone [kill all players in the map]
!giftnx <person> <number> [give a person nx]
!whosthere [see whos on the map]
!fameperson <person> <number> [changes someone's fame]
!lolhaha <person> [changes someone's gender]
!skill <skillID> <number> <mastery number>
!cheaters [shows suspected cheaters]
!mesoperson <person> <mesos number> [gives a player mesos]
!disband <guildID> [disbands a guild]
!healhere [heal everyone in the map]
!dropmeso <meso number> [drop mesos]
!worldtrip <person> [punishment command]
!lolcastle (1-5) [warps you to foj event map]
!song <song> [changes background song]
!hide <user> [hides a user]
!disband <user> [disbands user's guild]
!removenpcs <npc> [removes npc]

Useless Commands:
!listreports [lists the reports]
!clock [displays a clock]
!clearshops [refreshes shops]
!getnamebyid [gets Character name by ID]
!clearevents [reloads events]
!showPortalName [shows nearest portal]
!resetquest [resets quests]
!gps [does nothing]
!nearestPortal [get nearest portal ID]
!test [test command - very useless]
!charinfo [shows your character info]
!version [shows version]
!credits [shows credits]
!shutdown [use if you want to get owned]
!shutdownworld [self-owning command]
!shutdownnow [self-owning command]
!timerdebug [unsure but useless]
!spawndebug [shows spawns]
!tdrops [toggle drops]

Donator Commands:
#gm (opens lame GM shop)

Intern Commands:

Player Commands:
@rebirth (must be level 200)
@online (who is online)
@str <number> (adds <number> str by using <number> sp)
@help (read for commands)
@updates (shows updates)
@commands (shows commands)
@pvp10 (shows top 10 in pvp)
@cleardrops (clears drops)
@emo (kills self)

New Commands:
!slap <user> <damage>
!slapeveryone <damage>
!str <user> <amount>
!dex <user> <amount>
!int <user> <amount>
!luk <user> <amount>
!openshop <shop id>
!hp <user> <amount>
!boogie (summons 3 of each color boogie)
!mp <user> <amount>
!leeton <user>
!leetoff <user>
!healother <user>
!smegaoff <user> (takes away's someone's power to use smegas!)
!openpnc <npc ID>


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